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the biggest roaster in Lithuania


roaster in Lithuania

We started business in 2005. Due to today's technology we no longer need hundreds of years to get the best result. But modern equipment and professional skills are mandatory. Our biggest advantage is travelling and contacting directly with coffee farmers or coffee farm cooperatives. In this way we know the best about coffee quality and can negotiate best price. Coffeebank has all coffees your company needs. We can offer the best specialty coffees, standart range coffees or even low quality cheap coffee types. Roasting process is done in separate roaster lines for specialty, standart and low quality coffees. Our company is working with biggest supermarkets because they trust us.


members of an international organization

We are members of the SCAE, an international organization promoting the coffee culture and organizing WBC championships, participating in international seminars and exhibitions. We also support the annual "Coffee Days of Culture" event in Lithuania and we are its participants. The HACCP / HACCP system installed in the coffee production process ensures high and stable quality control


JSC “Kavos Bankas”
Code: 133259997
VAT: LT332599917
Energetikų g. 10 LT-52461 Kaunas, Lithuania

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